Infusion Services

The nation's leading home infusion therapy provider, Walgreens Infusion Services has been providing infusion care at home and at alternate treatment sites to pediatric and adult patients for more than 30 years. We offer a broad range of infusion therapies to treat complex and acute conditions, including but not limited to therapy management programs for:

The Walgreens Infusion Services family of providers includes Crescent Healthcare and Critical Care Systems.

We help provide highest-quality care with demonstrated clinical outcomes:

  • 98% rate of incident-free infusion encounters1,a
  • <1% rate of unplanned hospital admissions1
  • 97% patient satisfaction2,b
  • 0.03% rate of bloodstream infections1
  • <1% rate of adverse drug reactions1
  • Our staff of more than 1600 clinicians—including nurses, dietitians and infusion pharmacists—provides care at home and in alternate treatment sites nationwide3
  • Our current infusion locations can service 92% of the U.S. population4,5

The support you need is just a call away:

  • 24/7 access to specially trained nurses and pharmacists whenever healthcare providers or their patients need it
  • Assistance throughout the intake process
  • Financial assistance coordination

Comprehensive therapy management:

  • Adherence monitoring
  • Side effect counseling and management
  • Patient status updates
  • Relevant clinical data collection
  • Patient education
  • Drug interaction prevention

We're contracted with the majority of national, regional and local insurance plans.

Review of 39,978 Walgreens patient data per month, October 2009 – February 2011.
Based on January – December 2013 Walgreens patient satisfaction survey of 6,624 Walgreens Infusion patients.
Incidents were defined as unplanned hospital admissions, delayed or missed dose, equipment/product failure, adverse drug reactions, and paperwork issues.
Survey conducted by Ipsos Loyalty, a marketing resource firm that specializes in customer satisfaction and loyalty measurement. Owned and managed by researchers. Ipsos has a strong international reputation and is the third largest marketing research firm in the world.
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Walgreens infusion coverage area data.
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Hypothetical patient profile

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To find your local Walgreens Infusion Services office or make a referral, call:
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We're a Medicare contract supplier for enteral nutrition.
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